Helping you reduce your costs and expenses to increase your profitability is EPSA’s know-how. Experts in operational performance, our expert consultants are there to enable you to activate the right levers with the objective of maximum profitability. Our culture is one of efficiency, as proven by our pay-for-performance methods.

In a broad number of sectors, companies must reinvent themselves to face new entrants who, starting from a blank sheet of paper, are inventing new models that are more agile, more innovative and more digital.

Their task is huge: they must rethink their methods of approach and customer relations, their business model, their management style, in short, question their fundamentals in fast, profound and sustainable ways. In this context, there may be a risk of focusing attention on these pharaonic works and paying less attention to the management of operational performance.


Why Epsa ?

Optimization and rationalization of purchases, reorganization of the supply chain, reduction of social charges, management of risks on exchange and interest rates, increase in the productivity of organizations, obtaining aid or tax credits: as a quality consulting firm specializing in improving operational performance, EPSA is there to help you decrease your costs in order to improve your profitability.

For this purpose, our expert consultants, with long standing experience in their field, have expertise that will enable you to act on all the levers of operational performance, with tangible and lasting results.

This is our trademark and our area of ​​expertise: we are the only consulting firm capable of delivering a 360° view of company’s operational performance.

The epsa method

Our mission is to help our clients improve their P&L and our culture is one of performance. Moreover, our compensation systems reflect an obsession with results: many of our clients choose “gain sharing” or “success fee” systems in which the efficiency of our action and the gains we help them obtain have a direct impact our fees.

The promise is simple, the method transparent and the circle virtuous. We are committed to tangible results, we help you to effectively save money and we pay on your earnings.

Present throughout Europe, as well as in Asia-Pacific, Africa and the United States, EPSA employs nearly 1,000 consultants and can support global groups such as mid-sized companies and SMEs, in the private and public sectors. Over the years, EPSA has grown through external and organic growth while maintaining it’s initial entrepreneurial logic.
We share the challenges of our customers: agility, speed, efficiency. Our values, our language, our reflexes are those of the business leaders with whom we work on a daily basis.

Finally, like its customers, EPSA is undergoing a digital transformation.
In order to be more productive in serving our customers, we have integrated tools that use artificial intelligence technology which enables us to process and analyse, in record time, huge amounts of data from payroll, invoices or other sources of information. Thus, our consultants are fully available to think, with you, about your operational performance levers: this is what we call the “augmented consultant”. A consultant who, equipped with cutting-edge technological solutions, gains in efficiency and humanity.