Some companies have, structurally or occasionally, cash surpluses which they would of course be wrong not to build on. With a panoramic view of the market and complete objectivity, EPSA’s financial experts help you make the right decisions.

Large, medium or small companies, public or private companies, or even institutions … Some companies benefit from structural cash surpluses. This is traditionally the case with insurance companies, to name a few.

Others have collected large sums of money following an exceptional event – a transfer, for example – and want to keep it available. In either case, it means identifying the right investment solutions, adapted to their needs and with optimal profitability associated with a completely acceptable level of risk. A challenge, given the criticality of issues related to “cash” and an abundance of investment solutions available on the market.


The Epsa method


This is where the financial experts from EPSA come in. Their role is to support their clients in building an asset allocation solution perfectly suited to their time horizon (short, medium or long term), to their profitability objectives and to their level of risk. For this purpose, as an informed market observer, EPSA takes a perfectly objective look at the offer of investment vehicles from multiple players (banks, investment companies, etc.), which it scrutinizes and of which it makes a critical analysis, for the benefit of its clients.

Far from taking the place of the decision-makers of the client company (the finance department, most often), EPSA experts help them set the rules and working methods and recommend ad hoc support. They can also issue informed opinions on investment solutions considered by their clients or recommended by their partners (banks, for example). Finally, they carry out performance and risk monitoring, precise and regular reporting and, of course, permanent control of decision-making processes, so as to help companies sustainably manage their cash flow in complete safety.

For the obvious reasons of ethics and independence for management companies, EPSA only receives fixed and lump-sum fees in this case.