The EPSA lab

In order to face the economic, societal and cultural changes of our time (digital revolution, uberization, ecological awareness and energy transition), EPSA has created an open innovation program: the “EPSA Lab”.

Its purpose is to bring more and more innovation in the search for performance and in the transformation of organizations.
Through the Lab and its proactive mentality, we participate in the invention of tomorrow’s uses to offer our customers innovative and rapidly evolving solutions.



We put forward partners who offer innovative digital solutions that enable performance gains in each of our activities.


We offer innovative and unique solutions on the market, allowing you to create competitive advantages to surpass your competition and always remain among the leaders in your business.


As a real startup booster, EPSA supports companies in their creation and development phase through experience sharing and mentoring, but also by opening access to its network. We can also provide financing solutions through our innovation center: obtaining tax credits (CIR and CII) and access to non-dilutive financing.


EPSA is present in the entrepreneurship field in order to be an active partner in the support of companies developing innovative solutions. Our partnership with “alliance biz travel” allows us to benefit from innovative solutions to the many challenges of tomorrow’s mobility.

Our offer

An end-to-end offer integrating all the levers of operational performance

Our partnerships allow us to enrich our solutions with the best practices of the market, identified through a permanent study of the latest trends. Through a design thinking approach, co-creativity spaces are created in order to find innovative solutions directly adapted to our customers’ needs. Here are some partnerships that allow us to obtain targeted skills.

Catering management specialist in public services and communities.

An energy brokerage consultant, Enoptea has a Saas management solution for multi-site private and public organizations.

Advice on financial risk management and optimization of bank charges.

A French start-up which has developed a solution to detect anomalies between contracts and invoices such as unused purchases most notably. The result is savings of 5 to 30%.

Specialists in the concrete implementation of operational organization systems. They are involved in the optimization of processes and more specifically in the management and planning of work.

Firm specializing in non-dilutive financing for “JEI” startups.

Proposes an innovative solution designed for leaders to simplify the collection and updating of supplier certificates to streamline and secure customer-supplier exchanges through documented verification, and to manage supplier compliance.

Scope of solutions

Audit Recovery 360

Using conciliator, an artificial intelligence trained in invoice analysis, we can sift through all of your invoices over the past five years and identify the amounts unduly paid in order to recover cash.

Spend Cube Analysis

Thanks to the support of artificial intelligence, we control and improve your strategic sourcing, the efficiency of your purchasing processes and the creation of value in the control of the supply chain to make you more competitive.

Dynamic pilot cockpit

Our tools and partners enable us to bring innovation to your transport flows, allowing you to rationalize them and reduce your environmental footprint while maintaining optimal efficiency.

Digitalization of transport flows

Our tools and partners allow us to bring innovation to rationalise your transport flows, which can reduce your environmental footprint while maintaining optimal efficiency.

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