EPSA’s business: optimizing the operational performance of companies. Due to its expertise in all areas of purchasing, and also in organizations, taxation and social charges, EPSA has the capacity to act on all levers of economic performance.

Maximizing the profitability of a company by optimizing its costs is at the heart of EPSA’s know-how. From innovative start-ups to large multinational groups, including mid-size companies, all types of organizations can be concerned.

The key is real and fast cost optimization, guaranteed by our remuneration systems, which are partially or totally indexed to the results we obtain.


The epsa method


In each project, our methodology is the same, perfectly tuned and tested many times.

We start with a quick audit of what already exists, in order to identify the levers to be activated and to assess the potential savings. Subsequently, by collecting data of various kinds (salary, tax, purchasing…) from all corners of the company, which we compile, cross-reference and analyse, we carry out a diagnosis which involves, in particular, a mapping of your purchases.

At this stage, the contribution of our big data and artificial intelligence tools is extremely valuable. It allows us to offer you the guarantee of a detailed, reliable analysis in record time.


In order to optimize business expenses, our experts are able to operate various levers.

Regardless of the purchasing families involved, EPSA has expertise in purchasing advice and outsourcing. Our teams of consultants are there to help you reduce their external purchasing costs, either by supporting you in your calls for tenders, or by setting up performance plans incorporating cost reduction objectives.

Moreover, by using our Marketplace for some of your purchases, you benefit from a double impact: on the one hand, you rationalize your internal procurement processes and, on the other hand, you benefit from the power of purchase of a central point.

The result is a simplification of business processes that can focus on the heart of its activity while achieving substantial savings offered as a turnkey approach.

Increasing the efficiency of organizations is the expertise of our team responsible for this aspect of our activity. Whether it is to gain in productivity or in quality, we intervene to diagnose areas for improvement and to support the teams concerned in the change.

These missions require strong intimacy with our clients over relatively long periods of time because we are committed to the sustainability of the results obtained.

Environmental tax, payroll tax, property tax … With a constant and thorough watch on tax and social news, our experts are able to detect errors or “overpayments” as well as to suggest the most advantageous tax mechanisms.

Our teams are responsible for recovering the sums overpaid by URSAAF or French tax authorities, ensuring payment in full only upon the achievement of results for the client companies.