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Launched in October 2019, the EPSA Foundation aims to support and develop any work or project of general interest of a social nature which collectively contributes to supporting vulnerable groups in accessing or maintaining employment, with a view to promote their personal development, their autonomy and their social (re)integration.

Moreover, the fund carries out actions aimed at supporting philanthropic, educational, humanitarian projects or contributing to the protection of the natural environment by working, within our ecosystem, on ecological transition, and more generally any project of general interest in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

With this in mind, the EPSA Foundation wishes to contribute to a world of high human added value by working with the youngest for a world more respectful of the environment, and, subsequently, by supporting the most vulnerable to integrate or reintegrate into the professional world. The EPSA Foundation enables action across an entire generation to prepare it for tomorrow.


To support vulnerable groups in accessing or maintaining employment, in order to promote their personal development, their autonomy and their social (re)integration.

As a service company, our human capital is our engine – it is only logical that EPSA is committed to full equality of opportunity in the labour market.

As an extension of these actions, EPSA has been a signatory of the Pacte avec les Quartiers pour All Entreprises since 2018.

An initiative of the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities, propelled by IMPACT partners and Bpifrance, PAQTE commits EPSA and EPSA Foundation to work for better economic inclusion within these territories and their inhabitants. Around the 4 axes (Train, Raise Awareness, Recruit and Buy), EPSA and EPSA Foundation are carrying out concrete actions for a real impact.

  • TRAIN: Intervention during Entrepreneurship Month in EPSA leadership quarters for sixty high school students. For an entire morning, they were able to share their journey with young people who live in a working-class neighbourhood, in order to encourage them to work on their future, without inhibition or fear of failure. They were able to exchange ideas and talk about projects, effort and resilience, through their life experiences and daily professional experience.
  • RECRUIT: EPSA’s HR policy (and in particular obtaining our Diversity Label) requires all candidates whose profile corresponds to the profile sought be contacted by our recruitment teams, regardless of training or place of residence or the origin. Due to this policy, driven by leadership, convinced that the company must be as inclusive as possible, 18% of our employees come from QPV.
  • RAISE AWARENESS: EPSA was able to participate in 2 “Apprenticeship Dating” sessions allowing companies to meet young people from QPV inf Île-de-France who are looking for an apprenticeship contract. Several 10-minute qualified meetings enabled EPSA to identify potential candidates for apprenticeship positions and provide them with very concrete feedback on their profile
  • BUY: EPSA is a partner of the Tournée des Achats Impactants (TAI), together with IMPACT, the GESAT network and the Les Echos-Le Parisien Group. The purpose of this TAI is to support entrepreneurs from QPVs and adapted companies in their promotion to principals in France. Paced by speed-meetings, the objective is to make inclusive sourcing initiatives a reality and to discuss responsible purchasing practices. More specifically, EPSA commits its teams but also its network of customers to contribute to a more

EPSA, via EPSA Foundation, launched, in 2019, its first partnership for the integration of young people from working-class backgrounds, with the association Article 1.

Article 1 supports high school and college students (85% of whom are scholarship holders), having the strong belief that it is necessary to develop all the talents in France to renew the faces and the vision of success, regardless of social, economic, territorial or cultural origin.

Today more than 40 EPSA volunteers, in Paris, Lisses, Lyon, Toulouse and Sophia-Antipolis are committed to skills-based volunteering, in two formats:

  • Mentoring: Support from 2h to 3h per month for 1 year, a student towards their academic success (Bacc. + 1 to Bacc. + 5) and professional integration. Supporting them, sharing their professional experience, opening doors for them …
  • Collective workshop leader: Conduct 2 hour team workshops in high schools (1st, Final, Preparatory, BTS and DUT classes) on a topic relevant to young people, helping them to lift their self-censorship and to prepare them for their school career and ultimately their professional integration.

Great cause EPSA 2020 – 2022

The protection of the natural environment and the ecological transition is the “Great Cause” of the 2020-2022 group, chosen by more than half of the employees. Special attention will be paid to the link between childhood and the environment.

Environmental challenges require an exceptional and coordinated response. Beyond general awareness, it is now necessary to accelerate, in concrete terms. This is the entire ambition of this Great Cause.

The EPSA Foundation is therefore supporting for 3 years, via a call for projects, 2 to 3 structures focussing on actions that increase awarenessand educate the youngest on the issues of the ecological transition.

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