With constant resources, the production capacity of an organization can vary from simple to fivefold, or even more. The expertise of EPSA Operations & Procurement is based on the work of observation, organizational design and support for people. The key is potentially considerable gains.

In most organizations, productivity gains are possible. They are based on an improvement of the existing organization. This principle is verified in any type of company, whatever the sector of activity (industry, services …) and the type of department (administrative staff, production, construction sites, design offices, research services, teams. maintenance and/or delivery….), provided that it mobilizes significant human resources (from a few hundred to several thousand people).

Auditing organizations and optimizing them in order to generate productivity gains without ever overloading the teams, putting them under pressure or harming the quality of service, this is all the know-how of EPSA Operations & Procurement in terms of optimization productivity.


WHY DO LEADERS USE EPSA Transfo & Digital ?

As soon as they are actively seeking to increase their profitability,” explains Régis Marique, Director of the “Organizational Efficiency” branch of EPSA Transfo & Digital.

More specifically, these can be fast-growing groups that want to consolidate their leadership position in their market, developing companies whose management team is aware of the existence of possible productivity gains or companies whose profitability has, for one reason or another, deteriorated.

The EPSA method


In order to increase team productivity, EPSA Transfo & Digital relies on dual expertise in team organization and people support: it is about overcoming or – better – avoiding resistance to change.

For this purpose, EPSA Transfo & Digital is developing a proven methodology of several sequences. It all starts with a pre-study in the form of an audit, which validates the existence of potential sources of productivity and can, in very rare cases, lead to a negative response from EPSA’s experts.
This possibility is however exceptional, observes Régis Marique. Most often, we identify important sources of earnings due to multiple factors such as a lack of communication or training, an unfair distribution of resources … ”

These are all dysfunctions that EPSA Transfo & Digital will point out through a diagnosis, followed by a proposed methodology. Then comes the deployment phase of the project. It begins with organizational design work (carried out in two to four months, hand in hand with the client) and continues with the implementation of the plan (in 6 to 8 weeks), which cannot be carried out without change support work in order to make the new organization sustainable.

Thus, the company is empowered and will pursue its productivity gains well beyond our intervention,” explains Régis Marique.


But where does EPSA Transfo & Digital go to look for such productivity gains?

Most of the time, it is about making better use of existing forces,” was Régis Marique’s answer. In rare cases, the solution involves reducing the workforce (internally or with service providers) or combining the two levers.

Productivity gains which are extremely significant: on average, for 1,21 $ invested, the company records a gain of 5,44 $ per year. From the first year, this gain can be two or three times higher in some organizations. In addition to this, EPSA Transfo & Digital is committed to tangible results.
Its fixed-rate remuneration is accompanied by a result commitment: 50% of EPSA’s fees are only invoiced if the promised results are actually achieved.