Our consultants love


The structure is hierarchically flat, in order to promote proximity with managers and mutual assistance within teams.


Employees come from various backgrounds, in terms of degrees, culture, experience, disabilities. This diversity is a real source of richness thanks to the sharing of different points of view which enrich the dialogues and the answers given to a problem.

A good mood

We believe that working in a positive atmosphere is essential for improving productivity and strengthening synergies between teams. This enthusiasm makes it easier to manage change for our clients. We even sometimes make jokes. And it so happens that they can be funny.

Customer sense

We maintain a culture of “tailor-made” support to ensure the lasting success of our missions. The success of a mission depends, above all, on the search for excellence.


At EPSA, when you master a subject, you do not necessarily become a “superhero” … but we support juniors in their skills development.


Corporate culture is a determining factor in the performance of EPSA. Despite its increased development in terms of resources, we keep a “start-up” spirit and a human dimension. And that goes through the regular organization of some festivities.

One weekend a year, all the teams take off to an unknown destination to participate in the Annual Seminar. Good atmosphere, great food and guaranteed surprises!

Every last Thursday of the month, EPSA consultants meet to have a good time together.

Gala, themed parties … everything is a pretext for bringing together teams that are sometimes far from each other around festive events.