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EPSA is continuing its European expansion by opening offices in Portugal and Poland. These recent inaugurations mark a new stage in the deployment of EPSA’s international growth strategy.


EPSA Portugal and EPSA Poland

The opening of EPSA Portugal and EPSA Poland reflect the Group’s ambition to become the European leader in consulting services for optimizing sustainable corporate performance. With these openings, EPSA is expanding its offering on the European market, and now has local teams at its disposal, a key element in establishing close relationships with customers.


EPSA’s international presence

EPSA is now present in over 25 countries worldwide, covering more than 35 territories. This expansion amplifies the transformation of the Group, whose structure has been strengthened in recent months with the acquisition of AB&C in the Netherlands. The combination of markets in which EPSA is a major player and high-potential markets such as Portugal and Poland offer attractive prospects for the future.


A word from Nicolas Gonçalves, EPSA Group CEO

“We are delighted with the successive openings of our subsidiaries in Portugal and Poland, 2 countries with strong potential for EPSA. International development is one of the major pillars of our growth strategy, with our contribution to sales rising from 5% to 72% in 6 years. This significant progress, achieved thanks to several acquisitions as well as the creation of several subsidiaries through organic development (7 in 3 years), supported by our 2,150 (out of 3,000) employees operating internationally, is in line with our ambition to become a benchmark player in sustainable operational performance in Europe.”