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EPSA and kheoos are combining their complementary expertise to provide you with an innovative partner offering. The aim: to accelerate your operational and financial performance by maximising your MRO management through the application of a rigorous AI-based methodology.

Does the management of your MRO represent a major point in maximising your operational and financial performance?

Many companies regularly put off implementing a project to optimise this family for the following reasons:

  • Unsuitable or poorly implemented item nomenclature
  • Numerical inconsistencies within reference databases
  • Multiple supplier databases
  • Difficulty in valuing existing parts in dormant stocks (particularly for rare items)
  • Errors in supply chain management
  • Time-consuming and tedious project: lack of in-house time to manage these administrative tasks with little added value

EPSA Transfo & Digital and kheoos offer you support based on innovative, high added-value technology to drastically reduce processing times for all aspects of MRO management, coupled with a robust methodological approach to optimise your flows, productivity, stocks, purchasing and financial performance.

Don’t depreciate your dormant stocks, add value to them while gaining better visibility of your MROs!

Experience enhanced consulting!

Expertise synergies

kheoos has an innovative technology based on Artificial Intelligence [massive recognition of brands and references using specialised language processing processes for technical references] and a repository of 80 million parts, the cornerstone of its maintenance parts data optimisation service.

The aim is to carry out an efficient audit of your spare parts stocks and enrich your parts data, by analysing the descriptive fields very quickly and deducing the references and brands available.

Once the diagnosis has been made, EPSA Transfo & Digital uses this data to suggest ways of optimising overall MRO performance (organisational optimisation, flows, stocks, use of information systems, stocks, purchasing).

A combination of technology and consulting expertise!

The benefits of this value-creating approach :

  • Handling of the end-to-end project: from diagnosis to organisational implementation, including the definition of a strategy tailored to your specific requirements
  • Extensive data cleaning to give you a clear view of your work-in-progress and dormant stocks
  • CSR impact with the development of a circular economy thanks to the reduction in your stock levels (lower CO2 emissions) and the reuse of items from your dormant stocks
  • Simplification of processes following deployment and enhancement of the work of the FTEs involved in the project



Because technology wouldn’t work without people, our experts have been developing these skills in the field for over 20 years.

Key facts and figures:
  • Thanks to the digitalisation of the process, the duration of the mission is divided by 2 or even 3
  • Processing of 90% of the purchase value of the item base
  • 25% reduction in total stocks
  • Saving of 30% compared with the market price thanks to the purchase of re-used parts
Implementation of the mission
  1. Diagnostic phase carried out by kheoos: 2 to 3 months
  2. Strategic and operational implementation by EPSA: 9 to 12 months
  3. It should be noted that process improvements can be made on an ongoing basis by monitoring pre-defined performance indicators.
About Epsa

EPSA is a creator and producer of sustainable performance. The EPSA Group, which specialises in business performance optimisation consultancy, is the essential partner for any organisation wishing to improve its performance and profitability. With an international presence, over 1,500 employees in 35 countries and its own integrated digital solution, EPSA is the only player to offer global support through 7 major complementary areas of expertise: Transfo & Digital, Procurement, Marketplace, Innovation, Energy & Environment, Tax and Finance. EPSA’s teams are resolutely customer-focused, with a daily drive for performance and efficiency based on a tailor-made, responsible approach tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of each organisation. With its strong people culture, EPSA is committed to an ambitious societal, social and environmental policy through its “EPSA for Good” programme.

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About kheoos

kheoos is the B-to-B marketplace for industrial maintenance parts, facilitating contact between manufacturers, distributors, brokers and manufacturers.

kheoos is the community platform that enables manufacturers managing maintenance parts to automatically build their customised catalogue and benefit from advanced services to lower their stock levels, reduce their risk of shortages, find rare parts and resell their dormant stock.

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