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The activity of the EPSA group is by nature less polluting than other sectors.

Nonetheless, we are initiating an approach to measure and reduce our environmental footprint through a first evaluation of our carbon.

Today, EPSA is implementing its environmental actions through its « EPSA4Green » policy… see below so many actions in Europe or USA.

Event Citizen Day in Romania 


The World Cleanup Day event on Saturday September 18th, was co-organized with Lets Do It Romania and Surfrider Foundation Europe around Bucharest in the Corbeanca forest in Romania.

This is a superb initiative which has been followed by EPSA MarketPlace, including Cyril Legrix (Country Manager) and his collaborators.

Cyril Legrix shares two very strong feelings on this day, and said he was « very happy to see his colleagues again but also very sad to see the amount of waste collected in such a short time in such a small space ». Indeed, the intervention will have lasted an hour and a half.

Event Climate Fresk in USA


In parallel with this event, took place on September 13th the event Climate Fresk, with all the EPSA USA team, and facilitate by Surfrider Foundation Europe.

Indeed, Climate Fresk is a French non-profit organisation, on a mission to raise awareness about climate change and train 1 million people on the fundamentals of climate science, with a fun and collaborative workshop.

Faced with the climate emergency, we believe that everyone needs to be trained on the basics of climate science, in order to understand the situation, collectively accept the structural changes that need to be made, and start taking effective action.

“Our team really enjoyed the workshop and felt it was very educational. We will be collectively and individually working to continually educate ourselves and find ways to get involved.”

Rachel Lindblade – Senior R&D Consultant


PSG obtains the ISO14001 standard


For almost 30 years, PSG has been striving to solve their customers’ problems in indirect purchasing – and to do so sustainably! We see ourselves as link between all market participants and work with them responsibly, honestly and in partnership.

As part of EPSA group, we share and support their vision that the company of tomorrow must and will act responsibly. United in this conviction, we are building a group with clear human values. We consider this collective project a lever for necessary change, a driver of our performance and a source of sustainable growth.

In order to meet our own as well as the growing demands of our customers, suppliers and all other business partners in terms of quality, service and sustainability efforts, PSG decided to have themselves certified according to DIN ISO9001 and 14001. This will show both externally and internally the understanding of quality, efficiency and reliability that we have always lived by. PSG thus commits themselves to the continuous improvement of their management system, the careful analysis of the causes of complaints, the improvement of environmental performance and, of course, the fulfilment of binding obligations such as laws, official regulations and customer requirements. Our goal is to question every future corporate activity whether, and if so how, it could be optimised in terms of its environmental impact and to act accordingly.

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