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Today, the editorial committee invites you to discover a little more about Amélie DUCROCQ, who just celebrated 10 years at EPSA.

Originally hired as an Indirect Purchase Consultant, Amélie is now an Associate Director and manages a wide variety of projects, such as business transformation, the Marketplace or the Helia CRM.

With a confident voice and a daring look, Amélie, who admires Christine LAGARDE, dreamed of becoming a dancer as a child. Today, this little dreamer has given way to a determined and ambitious woman, fighting for female leadership and encouraging every woman who wishes to do so to undertake or occupy high responsibility positions.

Interviewed about her ten years at EPSA, Amélie remembers the exponential growth of the group :

“There are always new clients, new things to discover, my children used to come when they were sick to do drawings in the office on rue de la chaussée d’Antin, it’s a bit like my second home here!”

A phone call from Anne-Laure GOGEON, Director of Human Resources, was enough to convince her to join.

When asked, “What makes you want to get up in the morning ?” Amélie is formal :

“I like to have an impact, to make a difference. My advice is to never put up barriers or obstacles to your growth !”

Her greatest pride? Having participated in the recruitment of a good number of employees who are now fulfilled within the group.

Entrepreneurial and creative, this mother who likes to invent nicknames for her three daughters, has a philosophy of life and a joie de vivre that is aligned with her beliefs and aspirations.